Rev. Francis Bartley Jr.

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BACKGROUND: Growing up with a father who was a director for Youth for Christ in Kansas, I have had a vast experience in several denominations. I have been a member and/or have served in the United Methodist, American Baptist, Evangelical Covenant, Luthern and Nazarene denominations. I have also had a long history of working with both youth and adults from nearly every denomination through Youth for Christ . My experience has given me a clear sense of the unified ecumenical mission of the Church.


I grew up in a Christian home, and my parents and grandparents were instrumental in teaching from the very beginning the importance of having a personal relationship with Jesus. Participating in Church was always very central in our family’s life. I was baptized as a child, but it was not until my early years of marriage, and after a struggle overcoming addiction (I was healed of this 34 years ago), that I began to realize my baptism and through the process of my father, mother, and many other mentors in the church. During this time I realized the deep need that I had to live in a personal relationship with Jesus. As I grew in faith, I experienced an overwhelming sense of God’s call in my life to serve in the church. Right away began sharing my faith with others and in time it was clear that I was being called into full-time ministry. I sum up my pilgrimage as a process of refining moments where the Spirit has guided me to see more clearly how deeply God loves me and desires for me to continue my journey in life serving Jesus as Lord.

What bring me Joy in Ministry?

First, what wears me out is trying to put a saddle on a dead horse. In other words, I tire quickly with wasting time and energy on things that do not work. But I also believe every church has been given all we need to be faithful to the call Christ Jesus has for us.

I am a builder. I love trying new things, seeing the human flourishing that comes from creativity! I love to inspire people to dream big about Christ call on us as a Church, and then see our dreams in ministry grow into reality.

I love teamwork. I have always viewed ministry as a team effort, and while I do not shy away from my leadership role, I believe leadership is by example and is always about working to encourage others to work well together as a community. (nothing is more important than our relationship with God and one another) My greatest joy comes when we see the excitement build as we work together hand in hand serving the Lord and ministering… and building new relationships especially with those who are pre-Christians.

Minister of Music

Angela McReynolds

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   Angela McReynolds She is a very gifted musician capable of leading music in about any form. She is a Pianist, Organist, and Guitarist, violinist, who is often beautifully accompanied by her husband Richard McReynolds and a gifted bass player/guitarist Paul Palma. It is also a joy to have her young son Max who is six help out on a drum!